Our company


What Guasal offers does not compit in any way with the rest in the market since our approach is value not price. Having in mind employee dignification, becoming into a human and productive company. Nowadays is more than evident the social consequences of economical acts, part caused by the current labor market.
On the other hand Guasal promotes to our employees either guards, janitors or any position, be hired or rented for a just and competitive cost; backing up the service price with value boosters like: IMSS register, with according daily fees, punctual fair salaries, quality equipment and material, training, SAT report, IMSS certifications, etc.
As a result of these actions, Guasal has a workforce of more than 800 employees, besides of a list of more than 400 customers who has been with us along our path, with always corresponded loyalty. This has leaded us to have presence not just in Nuevo Leon but also in San Luis Potosi and the Bajio Zone.
Recently, Guasal has been chosen by RIDGE PROPERTY TRUST private real estate investment company with headquarters in Dallas, Tx. to support property management service of its real estate development facilities in Mexico.

Why Guasal?

Because we are committed to providing comprehensive solutions tailored to each client company. We have a selection process highly rigorous and strict in order to meet the standards of each client and guarantee our work.

Assurance Services

Our services cover a number of processes on all staff from guards, mayor or other staff hired as labor research, record, certificate of no criminal record, bonds, compliance with the legal framework.


We have over 20 years experience and currently have a staff of over 800 working employees and a list of over 400 clients at the regional level, we have a presence in Nuevo Leon and in the states of San Luis Postosi and Bajio Area.



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